Oh, No! The Party Is Tonight and Your Place is a Mess!

Hire a same-day cleaning service in Matthews & Charlotte, NC

Whip your house into shape without lifting a finger. R & S House Cleaning Service offers lightning-fast same-day cleaning services for clients in Matthews and Charlotte, NC. We'll clean your whole home or just the rooms your guests will see. Contact R & S House Cleaning Service to learn more about what's included in a same-day cleaning service.

5 times you'll want to hire a same-day cleaning service

Feel the stress melt away when you outsource your cleaning duties to the pros. Here are five good reasons to hand the job off to a team of professional cleaners:

  • You're throwing a party and you haven't had time to clean all week.
  • Your in-laws are coming in town tonight and you haven't cleaned the guest room yet.
  • You're working late this week and the housework has started to pile up.
  • You offered to host book club at the last minute.
  • You simply hate to clean.

No matter the reason, you can trust R & S House Cleaning Service to take the dirty work of house cleaning off your plate. Our talented crew can make the whole home spotless, or focus on just one room if that's what you prefer. Call 704-904-7262 today to schedule same-day cleaning in Matthews or Charlotte, NC.