I have been using R&S Housekeeping for over three years now. The teams that Rose sends out take pride in their work, and do a lovely job. Rose has also been very accommodating when I've needed to change the scheduled service, and the teams provide extra services when needed. It's such a wonderful feeling to know that your home has been left sparkling when they leave. I definitely recommend you give them a try; you won't be disappointed!

Paula T

Extremely satisfied with the services provided by this company. Rose the owner was very professional and made sure I would feel comfortable with the cleaning team. They did an excellent job!! I only wanted an initial cleaning but when Rose called me to make sure everything was to my satisfaction I decided to have them clean every two weeks. That was four months ago and I am still very happy with the service. Thank you Rose

Wonderful Cleaning Service, Very Detailed and Thorough! – Rose and her team at R&S House Cleaning are thorough, consistent and a pleasure to work with. I've been extremely pleased with the level of service I've received from this company. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a fair, flexible and very detailed cleaning service.

Rose was wonderful to work with (scheduling) and the ladies that she sent out did a fantastic job on my hardwood floors! I did think the price was a little high, but now I'm finding out from friends that to truly clean a house, you have to pay. I thoroughly recommend R & S House Cleaning Services!

Believe the reviews!!!!! – If you are in the process of looking for a cleaning company contact Rose 704-904-7262, she is great the employees are great and the customer service is exceptional. I have three dogs but you will never be able to tell after they are done with my house. Our children do not recognize their rooms after the ladies leave and they try not to mess up the rooms so that the ladies are proud of them when they come out to clean. They go above and beyond the regular house cleaning that we pay for and my house hold is truly happy with the service that we get from this company. Thank you ladies, I am a working mom with three kids and three dogs, you cannot imagine the excitement that goes on in my house before they come out. Five stars are not enough!!!!!

I am very happy that my sister told me about this company. They are wonderful, the team that cleaned I have been using R & S for years and have been very happy with them. They are very trustworthy, accommodating and do a great job. My house was very nice and worked non stop from start to finish. They actually pick things up and clean under them. My house smelled of lemons for days. Since the owner was out of town, she called and checked on the cleaning twice and asked if I wanted her to stop by when she gets back the next day. The only issue I had is that they do not supply vacuums, and even that is for our safety due to that vacuums can spread spider and bug eggs. Was happy to supply my own vacuum after I heard her explanation. Very happy with my experience and have been for almost 6 months. Highly recommend this cleaning company.

Organized and reliable cleaning service – I have a soft spot for people that are really organized. The owner Rose is organized, professional and really lovely to speak with. On the first cleaning the ladies came to my house at the time that was mentioned to me in my email, with all of their supplies, but no vacuum and duster. I was a little upset about the no vacuum and duster cleaning company but after Rose explained that the reason they do not supply the vacuum and dusters is due to dust and allergens being brought into your home from other homes I realized she is right not to supply them. The ladies did a thorough job even checked after each other to make sure they did not miss anything. After they left I checked over some areas and was very happy with the results but saw a few spots on the floor that needed more attention so I mentioned it to Rose when she called to check on the cleaning and they came back that same day and rewashed the floor in the kitchen. I do have to admit they are very nice ladies and do a very nice job. I am a very detail oriented person myself so if they pleased me I have a feeling they are doing pretty well for themselves. The price is a little more than I paid before for a cleaning company but so far they have been here three times and I have been very happy and feel it is worth the little extra that I pay for the peace of mind I get when they are done, thank you Rose, Seva and Maria.

The cleaning was so much more than I had expected!!!! – At first I thought that the rates were too expensive for a deep cleaning, the on going cleaning rates sounded reasonable and the windows are charged separately from the house cleaning. I shopped around and still went with my gut feeling to hire R & S she sounded like she knew what she is doing and my neighbor has been with her company for over 6 years. I was so happy that I did because for the first cleaning Rose sent 4 ladies to do the house cleaning, a man came with them to clean the fixtures that were way up high in the sky and all of the windows. They did a fabulous job cleaning the entire house and my interior and exterior windows were so clean that when my husband got home and I was showing him that they cleaned every area of the house he actually walked into my glass door. We both work and keep a neat home but with one child, 2 dogs it does get a bit overwhelming for me. They have been cleaning our house for three months now and are still doing an excellent job. I just wanted to say Thank you and have a great holiday season, I hope you keep busy. Thank you!!!!

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